Private Music Lessons San Mateo, CA

Private Music Lessons with Vanessa Sewell, 94403

I’d love to have a few more students to build my studio in the Bay Area! I’m located in San Mateo, California (94403). I currently play Alto Saxophone with the San Francisco Wind Ensemble. I repair woodwinds on the side -as you’ll see on this site. I sing at church, and I play clarinet with SFSU from time to time.

Sewell Music Profile

Saxophone Lessons

I studied Saxophone at BYU with Dr. Ray Smith, who is a pupil of Eugene Rousseau, arguably the best classical saxophonist of our time. And I played in countless large and small ensembles there. I have my Bachelor in Music Education and I’ve taught at both the middle school and high school levels. I know I can be a great music teacher for you, focusing on the basics and making sure proper technique and musicality is always addressed. I strive to help each individual student with their needs. I will challenge you, but we’ll be sure to move at your own pace. I feel my years of experience playing and teaching build a great foundation for me to be your best private music teacher. We’ll focus on appropriate repertoire, and if we have enough students interested, we may even do recitals.

I will take Saxophone students of any level. But I would especially love to teach those interested in classical studies -my forte.

I can also teach beginning clarinet and flute. I’ve played clarinet in a handful of college ensembles, and have taught both clarinet and flute to many beginners.

Private Lessons in San Mateo, CA

First lesson is free! You’ll pay for 4 Lessons a month at the beginning of the month, that will be the same day and time each week. Any conflicts I have will be addressed at the beginning of each month. Any rescheduling you need to make must be done 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

30 minute lessons are $150/month (beginners)
45 minute lessons are $200/month

Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions!


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