Sewell Music Profile Sewell Music provides years of experience and expertise for band students everywhere!

As a teacher, a musician, and a technician I will provide the best possible service and products to you and your student. I have my bachelors in music education from BYU with an emphasis in saxophone studies. I’ve taught at both the Middle School and High School level, working with some of the best schools in the West. And, I continue to play at the professional level today, performing with groups such as the San Francisco Wind Ensemble.

As a small repair shop I list refurbished student instruments on Ebay, and will link to those product listings here, and sneak peaks on current projects. All of our instruments are play tested and adjusted for the best in student instruments available at the most affordable prices!

At Sewell Music, my goal is to offer years of experience with beginning bands, woodwind studies and the like in the form of free information here on our website. I’ll continue to share recommendations, blog posts, tips, tricks and more as time goes on and hope you’ll follow me through RSS feed or our Facebook page for continued updates!


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