Common Questions

Why should I choose you as my saxophone teacher in San Mateo?

I have nearly 2 decades of experience playing saxophone. I graduated from BYU with my bachelors in music education and saxophone. I had my teaching credentials in UT as well. I have taught at both middle school and high school levels. I play at the professional level with the San Francisco Wind Ensemble.

Do you have references?

I can give you references when you contact me at sewellmusicsax@gmail.com. You can also view my care.com and takelessons.com profiles that show I have completed background checks and will have reviews. I also had my teaching credentials in UT so I went through all of the clearance for that as well.

When and where are these music lessons in San Mateo?

Lessons are taught in my home on weekdays. We would schedule a recurring time and day that we would meet each week. Lessons can also be taught in your home for an additional fee.

What is the cost of music lessons for saxophone and clarinet in San Mateo, CA?

Your first lesson is free! Then each month we’ll do 4 – 30 minute lessons at $125 total for the month.

How long are the clarinet and sax lessons?

For beginning students I like to do 30 minute lessons. Advanced students will do 45 minute lessons.This is due to building the muscle strength in your face needed to play and also for the age of younger students and their attention span.

What is your availability for private lessons?

e-mail me today at sewellmusicsax@gmail.com (or fill out the form at the bottom of this page) and we’ll work something out! Typically I teach M-F until 7pm.

Do you offer group lessons?

At this time, I do not. However, I have had siblings come for back to back lessons for an hour, the family is welcome to stay during each others lessons if desired or there is shopping and a park within walking distance.


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